African patchwork

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I did these embroideries based on the book "Broder l'Afrique" that I told you about in here.

Colours and patterns of african fabrics fascinates me. I keep on doing many projects, skirts, tablecloths ... and of course I keep all of the scraps ! I'm using some of those scraps to do a wax patchwork wall hanging,  in which these fantastic african animals could fit in. It goes likes this : 100-0972.jpg
I'll show you the final results later...

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isabel 19/10/2007 18:52

They are so beutiful!

Kajsa 15/10/2007 18:26

I LOVE the embroidrered animals! Thank you for commenting on my blog!

pikolo 15/10/2007 11:22


lucy 06/10/2007 22:16

Those animals are really cute! Will wait to see the outcome. Am sure it will beautiful.

Elisabeth 02/10/2007 21:39

These patchworks are so nice.