Merry Christmas !

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My patchwork group had a challenge for this month : a Christmas project. I was not very convinced of buying Christmas fabrics with Santa Claus on and tra la la ... I'm so much enjoying using african fabrics by now !...
But I love my patchwork group. You go and quilt and work around other quilters, the talk flows and someone always has a story. It's distressing.
So, here's the result :
100-1191.jpgEvery patch of this Christmas tree reminds me of the stories I heard there: an arranged indian marriage, life in a far away region of Canada or how to manage to (not) live a normal life in Saudi Arabia being an woman, and even the shy smile of the most misterious and silent member of the group, a japanese.

Have a nice holiday !

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marta Mourão 31/12/2007 19:25

Um feliz 2008 Vera!

olivia_p 31/12/2007 11:00

fantastico, me encanta. Feliz año!!!

eva lima 29/12/2007 00:50

Boas festas!

ricaconta 28/12/2007 20:34

Feliz Natal e Bom Ano Novo com tudo de bom!!

Marta Mourão 25/12/2007 13:28

Um feliz natal para ti!