A room of her own (sewing)

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DSCN0111.JPGDSCN0068.JPGI did a cover for my sewing machine and table with the wax print celebrating 2007" woman' s day". Wax- prints pagnes are sometimes  made for special occasions and that's an example of it
So, here we are. This is the place where I sew... not so bad for a beginner . Now I'm working on some quilt blocks ... I discovered this passion for fabric. I keep on day dreaming about what it could become. Sometimes I have no idea but I keep collecting fabrics.
And that's the view from this room to the backyard ... where I'm trying to grow some aromatic plants ...

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Cris 21/01/2008 22:29

Um delícia seu cantinho de costura!

Gisele Schoene 18/01/2008 15:43

A sua sala de costura esta' linda! E a vista da janela e' inspiradora, com certeza voce vai fazer muitas coisas lindas. Que bom que e' ter um cantinho so' nosso!

clara 18/01/2008 09:02

Love your pretty table and matching machine cover. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun creating with the fabrics you have.
Which aromatic plants are you growing? Must be wonderful to have a naturally scented yard. :-)

Bric-à-brac 18/01/2008 10:45

I'm trying to grow lemongrass, lavender, peppermint, citronnella...  but also basilic, parsley, coriander...  !

anna 17/01/2008 21:43

fantastica la tua cover per la macchina da cucire! penso sempre di farne una anche io, ma mi dovrò accontentare di ben altre stoffe

lucy 17/01/2008 17:34

That is a sweet room to sew in. The machine cover is nice too. I love the basket in the corner, I have one similar. I think it's great that you can collect all the fabrics you want while you're there...am envious.