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DSCN0151.JPGDSCN0148.JPGDSCN0149.JPG and more ... will be all together in a sampler quilt. I'm having such an enjoyable time trying different ways to put fabrics together !
African fabrics only, of course !

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danielle 20/02/2008 14:36

Era il mio primo block che a mai fato.
"the ohio starr"
Mi piace molto il tuo blog, e anche per l'italiano, ( I am still learning it but it it a difficult one)



Gisele Schoene 11/02/2008 02:43

Tem estado ocupada! Os blocos estao preciosos!

corry 10/02/2008 22:32

These blocks are so beautiful, I love the African fabrics!

lucy 09/02/2008 21:13

Such beautiful squares! African fabrics do speak volumes. Enjoy it and finish it soon so we can see it!

joana 09/02/2008 13:26

Fantásticos, lindo, lindo, lindo!!!! :) Tinha saudades de vir cá :D Tenho de pôr a leitura em dia... ;)