Playing with patchwork

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Do you remember this embroidery I did from my 6 years old son's drawings ? 
I finally managed to frame it in a patchwork wall-hanging. As you see, fabrics I'm using don't come from Africa, as I usually do. It was an american friend who brought this to me from her last trip home.

And children were playing with paper-patchwork,  arranging and re-arranging paper blocks, thrilled with endless design combinations, just like I've been lately ...

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Just Pure Lovely 18/03/2008 03:43

Oh, what a wonderful idea to frame the embroidery with patchwork! Thank you for your visit to my blog today -- I am so glad to have discovered yours!

elodie 23/02/2008 19:17

Lindo, lindo !

joana 23/02/2008 18:44

Ficou mesmo lindo. Adorei!

Kajsa 23/02/2008 14:13

I love the quilt you made with the embroidery of your child's drawings! The best kind of art!!!

joana 23/02/2008 09:14

Que fantástico!! Também ando a juntar pedacinhos para fazer uma colcha em patchwork para o meu filho e para mim :)