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First things first - I have to thank my fantastic swap partners !
I was delighted opening their packages, just like a small child ! 
Every little thing you sent me is extraordinary, as it shares a bit of your (far away...) world with me ... 

Gisele sent me this fabulous pack, all the way from Tennnesse, USA. :DSCN0268.JPG
Included a beautiful polka dot blue fabric, a cute pincushion she made, a crafts ideas book, Cascão magazine (do you know these fantastic characters ??? I love it) and more yummie goodies ! And I also loved the patchwork card (is it a Denyse Schmidt design, Gisele  ?)

Next is
Heidi. We missed the opportunity to meet in the italian mountains (some other time !...) but she spoiled me with this awesome pack :DSCN0265.JPG 
She had this great idea of
sending me some sunflower (!!!) basilic and other seeds, together with some Tuscan specialities like Santa Maria Novella's soap (beautiful place to shop !), Firenze's roasted coffee, a lovely book on Tuscany culinary traditions , tea and sweets that I love !

Thanks so much, Gisele and Heidi !

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Zelia Mateuseliamateusevora 21/03/2008 13:23

Oh! how lucky:)

joana 18/03/2008 22:31

Também quero! Nunca enviei nada para África... posso?

Bric-à-brac 19/03/2008 10:46

Sim, claro ! adoro a surpresa dos swaps ! vamos combinar isso ...

Gisele Schoene 17/03/2008 01:42

It was so much fun putting together some small things for you and I loved getting your package! Thanks again!

heidi 14/03/2008 23:13

Cara Vera, Grazie a te un pezzetto di Africa è entrata nella mia casa e nella mia vita.
Un abbraccio

amy 14/03/2008 16:55

lucky you! both packages look absolutely amazing... can't wait to see those seeds grow!