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Almost everyday I meet them when I go pick up my kids at school,  I know their names, and they know where I come from, they know when I leave for holidays and when I come back, I buy them vegetables and fruits (changing with the season) and they know I like very much "broccoli", keeping the fresher to me, and probably they know much more about me ...
... so they allowed  posing for me in these photos.  And I love their dresses ! !!!!

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rosa 22/04/2008 10:42

Que lindas!

lucy 01/04/2008 20:43

I quickly saw this the other day and it just hit home. I used to have a vegetable lady too back home just like yours and she came every week with lots of veggies. You're right, they know to bring the best to their customers.

I also love both their traditional dress. Very colourful!and

alix 31/03/2008 13:00

Beautiful photos. I would love to buy my vegetables like this.

Just Pure Lovely 30/03/2008 05:03

Beautiful, beautiful dresses and such beautiful women. Thank you for sharing them with us!

heidi 29/03/2008 22:08

Veramente belli questi vestiti, se li confezionano da sole o li acquistano già fatti?