Ocean !

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I'll be back soon. For the moment I'm enjoying the lovely sea breeze at the Ghana coast...

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isabel ventura 05/05/2008 15:36

Ai que chatice...;D

barbara34 05/05/2008 14:52

you're lucky. tell me how to go in this wonderful place! in the meantime, have good holydays

Bric-à-brac 06/05/2008 11:34

This is Ada foah in Ghana, you just have to take a plane to Accra and have some vaccinations done... :-)

sabine 05/05/2008 12:22

Wow, beautiful!
Apple pie in previous post looks very good and tasty!

India J 04/05/2008 22:39

Lucky you..!
Thanks for popping by...
Here's my recipe for :

Recipe for Shitor Din (or Sheto, Shito, Shito, Shitto)

Ingredients :
one cup dried shrimp or prawns (ground or pounded)
one to two cups dried hot chile pepper (e.g., red pepper flakes, or take dried whole chile peppers and roughly chop, grind, or pound them -- taking care not to turn them into powder )
four cups vegetable oil
two tablespoons salt

Preparation :

Combine all ingredients in large pot. Cook over high heat, stirring continuously, until ingredients are well mixed. Cover and allow to cool to room temperature. Transfer to clean, glass bottles with airtight tops. Store in a cool place (refrigerator). Can be stored several months.
Serve with everything..!

Bric-à-brac 06/05/2008 11:31

Thank you !!!!!!!

Sonnja 04/05/2008 13:34

Have a great time!
Kind regards

Sonnja, from the Netherlands
Beertje Zonn