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African art has such a big repertoire of images easily convertible into embroidery designs ! ...
The guinea gowls come directly from kourogho designs, as I told you in the previous post, and the crocodiles are inspired from stylized and naif african art .
These photos are quite dark because I took it in the late afternoon, but the colours I choosed are quite somber too ; between black and dark golden ...

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heidi 15/06/2008 22:15

Sono bellissimi, complimenti.

roberta 15/06/2008 21:54

So wonderfull and you very able embroidery. The good inspiration push we up to make wonderfull handmade work and Africa is a full place of fantastic inspiration.
se you soon .

sandra 15/06/2008 13:02

They are precious!

Gisele Schoene 14/06/2008 18:24

Que lindos! Voce tem razao, arte africana fico otimo em bordados. So' se precisa uma boa bordadeira como voce!

joana 14/06/2008 16:47

Os galináceos estão o máximo!