Zippered pouch and other handicrafts ...

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I did this zippered pouch in less than an hour (!) to give as a present to my canadian friend J. She loves african batik fabrics. That's what I'm using on it.  We went exploring together some local batik manufactures some time ago and we bought some fabrics.

I found a great tutorial to learn how to sew this at AfricanKelli blog. You can check it out here. I just didn't the ribbon bracelet to be worn around the wrist as she did.

And you can see my candy pincushion, together with all the others that participated on the March/April pincushion challenge here.

Children with friends that came over , were working with fimo, doing colourful necklace pearls and selling it just like they see doing around the corner in this city.


As you see at home we enjoy doing handicrafts ... One of the reasons I like being here is TIME. Africa gives me time to do everything that I could not do in Europe. Sometimes during the week I do even a siesta. Time to work and time to rest :



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artenamao 17/05/2007 03:27

Faço as bolsas aqui em Fortaleza, onde vivo actualmente, vendo aqui, em Portugal e em Bristol.

Belém 16/05/2007 23:53

Que tecido maravilhoso. Adoro tecidos africanos, valem por si e nem pensar em fazer retalhinhos. Têm de ser vistos como deve de ser, em grande. Um abraço

vera 12/05/2007 14:24

what a lovely pouch you made, and such wonderful fabric. :0)

RosanaNauma 11/05/2007 13:30

".... Sometimes during the week.I do even the siesta..."  What a pleasure!
Fimo kid´s work is funny!

anna 11/05/2007 08:48

grazie per il tuo commento nel mio blog. il tuo blog è molto interessante: lo visiterò spesso!