First skirt

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I got inspiration from here to start making my first skirt. ( I did it for my  daughter, it's easier to do child clothes I suppose.) At SewMamaSew, I could find some links to nice and easy skirt tutorials like this. Since I really don't have much serious experience at all it's a real adventure ! Can you believe that this "sewing mania" started only since I'm in Africa ?

For this tiered skirt I used some of my recently bought handmade african batik fabric, of course ! So, here's how I cutted all the fabric pieces and arranged it in tiers to do a twirling skirt to twirl round when she dances !



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Bicho de contas 02/06/2007 11:07

Since I bought my sewing machine, I'm searching for patterns, and if they are free, better. Go to this sites. You can download patterns and instructions really easy to do (at least I hope, because i didn't tried yet) :)

Bric-à-brac 02/06/2007 19:33

Thank you all for encouraging my first sewing adventures (:-)  and thank you so much for the links, Bicho de Contas !

Joana 29/05/2007 15:57

Os tecidos que tens são fantásticos!!! E a saia ficou muito linda, quem me dera poder fazer umas assim para a minha pequenina... só os tecidos as fazem já especial!

Belém 28/05/2007 23:37

´E ia-me esquecendo de um enorme pormenor: o tecido é magnífico

Belém 28/05/2007 23:34

Está tão gira. E se só há pouco aprendeste a coser à máqina está impecável. Filha com sorte. Cá em casa é casa de ferreiro...

Marta 28/05/2007 18:13

Esto me reafirma en mi idea de que tengo que aprender a coser a maquina !!!! Muy bonita  ! Un abrazo.